Now, your vacation home pays dividends.

many paths to many happy returns

ResClub has taken the best parts of traditional second home ownership, private fractional residence clubs, subscription vacation clubs and travel portals and created a portfolio of securitized investment products combining vacation usage and an attractive ROI. The plans are designed to suit a range of both pure investment and lifestyle ambitions. In short, there’s a platform that’s certain to fit your financial and vacation preferences.

All the benefits, none of the shortcomings, no strings attached.

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ResClub provides the opportunity to participate in real estate acquisition, development and ownership, along with vacation travels to the world’s most popular destinations. We’ve taken the best practices from current industry models and eliminated the costs and burdens typically associated with timeshares, fractional residence clubs and whole residence ownership. In short, ResClub investors enjoy fixed annual returns along with a host of valuable benefits.

There are plenty of vacation club options, but none of them pay YOU. And when you own a vacation home you rent, well, that’s a job in itself with plenty of costs to overcome. ResClub is simply, smarter.

The ResClub Ecosystem

Platform One

The Short Term Investor

ResClub is a developing its own portfolio of resort and vacation properties – in consistently popular, high demand destinations. Places like Orlando, Florida’s Gulf Coast, Las Vegas, and PGA golf resorts. A Costa Rica development near Papagayo will soon be underway. These ResClub properties include single family residences, townhomes, condominiums and in select locations, resort hotels – properties appropriate to the destination and to maximize income potential.

ResClub offers a short-term, high-yield acquisition and construction financing opportunity for the acquisition and development of a specific project portfolio.
Short term investments can also be structured where you take full ownership at the completion of construction.

15% fixed annual return

18% for international investments

12-month term

MyResClub travel club access privileges

Platform Two

The Club Member Investor

A club model combining vacation property use with investment returns

The concept of a vacation home that pays you to own it is an innovative ResClub model. The properties in this portfolio are completed residences in high-demand vacation resorts or resort locations generating rental income. Some properties are developed by ResClub, and others are purchases in completed projects.

Your investment in this platform is not in a single property, but in a securitized instrument that pools the entire ResClub property portfolio – reducing the ownership risk inherent in a single property investment. Unique to this platform is that the fixed annual return is based on the number of weeks one chooses to vacation. And, you can vary the number of weeks you vacation, and thus the ROI, each and every year. So in a busy year when you can’t vacation as often, you can sit back at work and simply make a higher return.

Fixed annual returns based on preferred vacation usage

Use vacation weeks at your preferred resort location or trade throughout the MyResClub travel program.


MyResClub & the tap & go app

MyResClub is a full service, private booking system for vacation homes, hotels, car rental, airline, tours, theme parks, dining and golf. All with up to a 50% cash back return on bookings to members. The vacation home and hotel component alone has over 800,000 locations in over 100 countries. MyResClub is included as a part of the vacation/investor membership, and at a $199 annual fee for others.

ResClub travelers enjoy elite-level concierge service, offering 24/7/365 white-glove customer care and pre-arrival reservation confirmation at over 800,000 resort and hotel properties worldwide.

Relax. We'll take it from here.

Let us help shed light on our membership levels including our 100% buyback offering, the perks of MyResClub, financial incentives, travel benefits and restrictions and so much more. It’s a new way to invest and a new way to vacation. Our Q&A is a helpful look at the entire ResClub program.

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