Pacifico – Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Min. Invest


Total Raise


Target Hold

12 Months

Annualized Returns


About this project

This fund is to purchase a 15 unit building located at Pacifico in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. for the expansion of the ResClubs Membership Program. Revenue will be generated through short term rentals via a large international property management company as well as various revenue streams tangential to the Membership Program. Investors who hit certain thresholds of contribution will also benefit from a usage component which will allow them to stay in one of the units at no cost of lodging. 

Note: There is no RESCLUB vacation program usage associated with the pure, short-term vacation investment program.

Costa Rica saw 3.1 million tourists in 2019 before the pandemic. Costa Rica had just over 1 million travelers in 2020, roughly 85% of which visited between January and March. Tourism has increased each year in Costa Rica for the entire decade spanning 2009 at 1.2 million tourists to 2019 with 3.1 million travelers. Costa Rica expects to see a gradual return to normalcy throughout 2021.

The building, rent and member read will cost $4,750,000. The marketing launch costs and administration, are expected to be $200,000. Reserve for contingency is $200,000

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