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A New Vacation Paradigm

Members of ResClubs® various branded residence clubs all enjoy usage, plus fixed rates of return ~ 8.0% with zero weeks personal usage annually, 6.5% with 2 weeks of personal usage annually or 5.0% with 4 weeks personal usage annually, all without the hassle of operational costs or additional fees. This creates a family vacation program that does not only pay for itself, but rewards the family with a return on their investment.

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The patent-pending Residence Club Membership Programs have been designed as an opportunity to experience and utilize the very best accommodations while omitting the typical ownership costs associated with traditional vacation home ownership, timeshare and branded residence clubs, which provides solid and continuous cash-flow. Find out more about the Membership Options available.

Stay. Play. Earn.

Residence Club Members need only to select the resort in which is to be considered their “Home Membership”, after which they will have control over the usage level on an annual basis, which in turn will determine the level of fixed annual return achievable up to 8.0% per annum. Find out more about the Membership Options available.


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