This is ResClub.

A new paradigm in vacation residence ownership

It seems everyone has this idea that renting their vacation home can be profitable. Except when you consider the taxes, insurance, HOA’s and wear and tear on your home – not to mention that you’re now managing the risks and headaches of property rentals.

Enter ResClub – not only a new and better investment model – but one that delivers all the rewards with none of the traditional headaches and costs. 

ResClub delivers…

How it works

How it Works

We’re developing resort properties with investors like you. You can invest with us for a short or longer term.

Rentals provide you a return tailored to your desired vacation usage.

There are no closing costs, taxes or maintenance – your investment is hassle & worry-free.

We’re developing resort properties in popular and proven destinations – in the U.S., Europe and Costa Rica.

As flexible, as it is profitable...

The ResClub® portfolio includes two basic platforms – a short term acquisition and construction financing investment, a second, where your returns are balanced by the number of weeks you wish to vacation. In the first platform, there is an option to structure the investment for eventual whole ownership of a residence.
Short Term Investor

You might be a short term investor looking for maximum yield – Platform One is for you – an acquisition and construction financing security offering 8%-18% annually. Four dividend payments over 12 months.

Short Term Investor/Owner

A second variation is where your investment is in a deeded residence you will own upon completion of construction – also paying 8%-18% over a 12-month term against your deposit funds, paid out over 4 dividend payments prior to completion of construction.

Club Member Investor

Consider Platform Two, where you can vary your ROI – 5% to 8% based upon the number of weeks you wish to vacation, from zero to four weeks, as well as the destinations that you choose to visit.

  • Short Term Investors

  • 8% / 18%

    ROI per annum domestic/international projects

  • 12-month

    investment term

  • $5,000

    minimum investment, no maximum​

  • Club Member Investors

  • 8% / 6.5% / 5%

    per annum return on investment

  • 5+ year

    term of investment

  • From $49,500

    a one-time investment

As worry-free as it is effortless.

We’ve removed the expenses and burdens associated with traditional whole and fractional resort home ownership. Whether your choice is a short term, high yield construction financing investment, or a longer term Club Membership investment with vacation usage, ResClub has made everything point-and-click easy. And, with our portfolio management dashboard, you can make investments and monitor your returns with complete transparency, 24/7.

  • NO Closing Costs 
  • NO Real Estate Taxes 
  • NO HOA Dues
  • NO Utility Bills 
  • NO Management Fees


*Does not apply to whole ownership programs

Fixed. Annual. Returns. Yes.

For investors in the U.S., ResClub is a security suitable for single or multiple property investments from $5,000 to $459,000 with fixed annual returns of 5% – 18%.

Get back what you put in.

In addition to the fixed annual return, Member/Investors can exit their investment with a 100% buy back of your original investment after five-years.

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Travel on a whim & with a discount.

One of the ancillary but very meaningful ‘value adds’ with ResClub is our affinity relationship with one of the major travel portals. And so ResClub also literally opens the door to a world of savings – airlines, hotels, car rental and much, much more. Use it when and where you like. It’s a swipe and tap app you’ll find adds immeasurable value to your ResClub membership. But more about this later.

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